Why we exist
We exist since 2001 to support projects that lead children and youngsters towards social inclusion through education, sport and culture. So far we have been able to directly assist more than 20 thousand children.

Financial Resources
We have our own financial resources, and we also have the support of several partners.

Founder’s Testimony
When I was a little boy, the son of a farmer who owned no land and had to share his produce 50/50 with the land owner, my mum used to ask: “Son, what do you want to be when you grow up?”


And I, based on the most beautiful thing of my child universe, would say: “I want to be Santa Claus.” Yes, because Santa Claus was the main symbol of helping children. My mum answered: “Santa Claus doesn’t exist, but you can become a priest”. So there I went, all the way to the Gregorian University in Rome. When it was time for me to begin my ecclesiastic career and become part of the Church hierarchy, I changed my mind and decided to start over at the age of 28. But the idea behind the desire to be Santa Claus, or to become a priest, never abandoned me. And here I am, proud to know that I am helping others help themselves.


Our work started 36 years ago with the Children Foundation in Brazil. In the beginning there were only four of us: Hilde, Onorio, Marcelinho and I. It was three for one: three people helping one child. The child was Marcelinho, black, poor and with no perspectives at the age of 6. Marcelinho is now a Flight Commander with TAM airlines, and helps us carry IKB forward.

Later in 2001 was created with the sponsorship of the friend Walter Wuthrich the Instituto Kinder do Brasil. Now the IKB has the chance to not only help a single person, but also to help differentiated projects that assist a great number of children to get a profession and to reach an objective in the life.

Otto Engel