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Who we are

Presently, IKB is directly involved in 25 social projects, spanning the areas of Education and Health in its broadest and most comprehensive sense, with emphasis in scholarships.

This universe of 25 projects has been carefully built over these first three years of activities.

Financial resources
Taking into consideration the consolidated financial resources available to IKB, the Institute has reached the ideal amount of projects that can be supported. It is now up to us to consolidate existing projects and help them improve at all levels.


Our Goals

In a first stage, IKB has meticulously analyzed a range of social projects that applied for partnership. In a second stage, they consolidated the partnerships.

In a third and last stage, the partner projects were invited to present candidates from their corps for scholarship contemplation. Candidates jointly approved receive financial support to achieve their study goals, the basic criterion for it being the attainment of a passing grade, each year.

This criterion plus the student’s status of suitable, as per continuous evaluation carried out by the project of origin, are the conditions for IKB to maintain its support until the conclusion of the student’s formation process.


Otto Engel
Managing Director